Dynamic Facilities is a national retail maintenance provider servicing the entire United States, providing a long list of services. With a strong dedication to our customers and the will to provide top notch service, Dynamic Facilities is quickly becoming a leader in the areas of commercial and residential restoration, construction and property management.


We strive to be not just another maintenance company, but to bring back that one on one personal relationship you rely on for expedient resolution of your maintenance challenges. Let your problems become ours.

Around the clock support

We offer 24-hour emergency service with an actual dispatcher, a network of dedicated field technicians and a wide array of trades serviced.

Why choose our company?

Dynamic: Characterized by energy or effective action. Facilities: permits easier performance of an action. Dynamic Facilities provides services to a large field of clients from commercial/ business to residential and insurance. We offer competitive pricing as we don’t have the “corporate overhead”. As you consider facility maintenance providers, please think of Dynamic Facilities.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting cleans surfaces by spraying a high- velocity stream of dry ice pellets; the dry ice flash-freeze and contaminants, breaking the bond with surface.


Clients testimonials

You can't go wrong trusting Kris to your facilities maintenance needs. It's rare to find a company so dedicated to not only quality workmanship, but getting job done in a fast, efficient yet cost-effective way.

Toni Maclary - Team Supervisor